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Who Am I  

Hi there! I’m Lori Imdad.

I used to keep a blog and resume here, but now I find that boring. So, I moved my blog to its own site recently.

Where I’ve Been

I began freelancing as a content writer and blogger in 2019, although I have been blogging personally for years. I write content articles and blog posts that end up on business websites.

In short, I am a professional freelance blogger and content writer. I write compelling blogs, articles, content and emails that step your customers through their buyer’s journey.

I write about business, legal, tech, and some lifestyle topics for business websites.

To be honest, there are days I wonder why it took me so long to get here.


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Newsletter & Podcast

The Inbox Latte, Podcast, Newsletter of Freelance Writer Lori Imdad

Writing and Blogging  

I have always loved writing and started my first blog in 1997 on a site called Live Journal!

It feels like a lifetime ago now, and believe me when I say it was before Blogging became popular.

Blogging was what led me to freelance writing.

Gulfport Freelance Writer blogging in 1997.


Many people think of blogging as a past-time. It may have been a past-time when I first started, but blogging has come a long way since then.

These days, blogging is a marketing tool. Websites need organic traffic and having an active blog on your business website helps to attract an audience of readers and engage with them.

I started writing to help your small business attract, engage and convert your website traffic to become loyal customers. And to help you show your customers why you’re the best at what you do.

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