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Hi there! I hope you are having a great day. It's another beautiful one in Dhaka! No rain! The rainy season here can be a drag, but we love the sun.

One of the main ways we all find motivation as a blogger is through validation, feedback or appreciation. If we earn a bit of money from our affiliate links more the better. Who doesn't feel good when they've made money or inspired someone else? When that hasn't started happening, yet how do we motivate ourselves when we are feeling demotivated? One way is to write content that gets found. So how do we do that?

As I write this,  I keep hearing a phrase echo in my head that I have read and heard in so many "blog-centric" places.

"Content is King" When your content rocks, you will feel motivated to write more.

After you've started your blog, if you don't have good content your posts will lay flat. So, What is good content? Good content has several important parts. Here a few topics you should review when writing your posts:

    1. The writing - is it clear, grammar correct, reads well, connects with your reader? Is it on target for your niche? Is it lively or boring? A great tool for making sure your writing is correct, grammatically and spelling is Grammarly. It checks as you write. Another is to prepare your post in Microsoft Word until you are ready to post and use its built-in checker. I have an old post on Grammar Checkers if you check back here.

  1. Graphics - Clear, goes with your content, looks clean and professional. Make sure you have added your keywords to the alt text of the image in your editor. If you've forgotten this you can always go back and add it. If you're not good with using Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw don't worry. Go to and its super easy. They have templates that make it super simple whether you are planning graphics for your blog post or Pinterest. Other just image resources include and, one of my personal favorites is I prefer it because I use Adobe it gives you the PSD, AI or EPS file that you can tweak to have look exactly like you need it to look. Remove the parts that don't work, add text or whatever you need.
  2. Research and Planning (or R&P as I like to call it) - Some people pass on this and just begin writing, but when you do that you are missing out on a huge part of what you need. The meat and potatoes of your post and that, my friends,  is HUGE. Imagine sitting down to Sunday dinner without the main part of dinner? So, research your topic, find links to related material, and then your post will be more than just the side dishes.
  3. Keywords - As you plan your blog, pages and posts check the keywords you will use. There are a few ways to do this. Google's Keyword Planner is a great tool. You can get access to it on The Hoth, it is super easy to use and helps a lot when you are researching a title and keywords for your post. Another way to do this is Google Search. Just type in a couple of word in the Search box and you'll see how many auto results show up. This shows better keywords to use right there. Cool, right?!
keywords/good blog content/blogging/new bloggers

Now, the fact is you are not going to have over 1000 sessions in your Google Analytics from day 1. You won't get even 10 comments on it either. It takes time to build a following and reader base so even if you have that popup ad to join your mailing list you aren't going to see a lot of movement for a while. Don't let that deter you from your goals. Keep working, writing, marketing. You will get there.

One way, I keep going is by learning. There are many ways to learn out there. If you are a busy mom and blogging is your potential side gig, look for other "Mom Bloggers" out there. Not only are there blogs out there to learn from, but there are Youtube Vloggers and Podcasters, too. So, while your kids are watching cartoons, doing homework or taking a nap put one of them on and LEARN. One of my favorite podcasts to listen to right now is from Simple Pin Media by Kate Ahl. Aside from being on their website, you can find it on Spotify and iTunes. So, when I'm out for my daily walk I'm listening to Kate.

Another great Podcast on Spotify is Do You Even Blog, which goes along with their blog where they have a great section on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Seek out other platforms to join to make money. The Side Blogger recommends Medium as a great place to start in her motivational post on this same topic.

My point is here, there is a TON of information out there and there are MILLIONS of other bloggers out there looking to help you get to where you want to be. All you have to do is LISTEN, READ and, most importantly, ACT.


Social platforms are a great way to build a following, but, here again, it will not happen overnight. It can be very frustrating. I truly feel you. I have days where my Pinterest flies and days where it inches by, so I get it. That why I listen to Kate Ahl and try to implement much of her advice. You don't have to join them all, but you should at the minimum start a Pinterest account. Pinterest drives a ton of visitors to websites and definitely blogs if set up correctly, and the posts are keyworded correctly.

Open up a Pinterest Account

You will notice at the bottom of the account creation box it says Business Account. That is actually what you want. So, click there.

Optimize Your Profile

Earlier this year, Pinterest introduced new profiles to everyone using the platform. Let's break down the steps required to update and optimize for growth.


The description is now shown in a larger font, separate from your website URL and location. Since this element is now more prominent, it's important to clearly tell what viewers what your brand represents on Pinterest.

When writing your profile description:

  • Use clear and simple language
  • Use keywords people will actively use to find your content
  • Provide value through your writing
  • Have someone read over your profile description. Are they able to easily understand what you're offering or trying to accomplish?

Profile Image

Always put up a Profile image. Profiles that do not have an image look spammy. People will NOT follow a profile that doesn't have one.

Do you have a creative business logo? What about a great headshot you can use for branding purposes? The goal is to have your profile image that will be businesses identity; something easily recognizable.

Category: Never leave this blank. If you can't figure out where you fall, choose Education because that is what we are doing as a blogger. We are educating other bloggers, readers and friends.

Cover Image

Some people want to brand their cover image, however, Kate Ahl from Simple Pin Media has given the following reason why it is not the best idea. Pinterest often makes changes to its site. When that happens your beautiful cover becomes distorted and not the image you want followers to see. She suggests leaving it as the college of your pins.

Use Keyword Rich Descriptions

After uploading a pin or repinning, write a description. Keep it enticing, include one or more of your researched keywords and add a few hashtags so Pinterest users can see all the pins that share that same hashtag.

Pinterest has found that pins with hashtags get more distribution the first day they are pinned.

Example pin description:

Looking for a great WordPress theme? These sites offer great options for less: #WordpressThemes #Wordpress #WebsiteThemes

As you can see there is a lot of great information to help keep you motivated. I'll do another in-depth post on Pinterest very soon.


I hope I have given you some good content today and a lot of information to ponder and keep you motivated.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I'm so excited you are ready to start your blogging journey and that I get to be a part of it! Any Questions? Send them my way, I'm happy to try to help.

Until next time,


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