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Some of the links provided are affiliate links. Not sure what that means? When you click on my affiliate link and sign up or buy something, I either get commission (at no additional cost to you) or a credit to my account.

This list is updated regularly, so check back for more excellent resources for building your business. Thank you for helping me reach my goals.

Email Service Provider

I use Aweber and although there are others that work as well I prefer it.
I like that it gives me an archive of my email broadcasts in a simple link that I can include on every newsletter.
I has a cache of stock images available if I want to use them.
Need automations, they have them.
They are based in Pennsylvania.
Other ESPs I recommend include Convert Kit and Constant Contact. Convert Kit and Aweber offer free options (Aweber it depends on where you are), but Constant Contact is a great value for the money.

Domain and Hosting

There are a lot of people out there that will refer you to many different domain registration and hosting providers. I use Dreamhost. I was listening to Neil Patel’s podcast one day and just after I realized I needed a new provider. I looked into some of the ones highly recommended by other bloggers such as Site Ground for one. I got the best deal at Dreamhost and their support has been excellent. So, if you’re looking, check them out.


Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking to up your income by using affiliate marketing, an excellent place to start is Share-A-Sale. Lots of opportunities all underone site.



Starting a business means working on your finances. Freshbooks is a great place to set up your accounting.


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