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5 Expert Ways to Get More Traffic and “Number 4 is Mind-Blowing”

Learning expert ways to get more traffic to your website is a priority for all businesses. There is a good reason for that, as of May 2020, there are 4,648,228,067…

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3 Excellent Content Writing Tips for New Freelancers

This post is about content writing tips for new freelancers. Learn about AIDA, what is a niche and more. Check it out now.

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5 Awesome Headline Methods That Get Your Readers’ Attention

There are many reasons why your headline is the most critical part of your content. Effective marketing headlines improve email marketing, increase landing page conversion rates, and make your metrics…

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Yes! You Can Get Paid to Write
Yes! You Can Get Paid to Write

Perhaps you're a new mom, and your leave time is coming to an end. Maybe you've retired or are about to and see an empty span of time ahead. Grandbabies…

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LinkedIn Profile
6 “Must-Haves” for Your Freelance LinkedIn Profile

When you are setting up a freelance business LinkedIn is where you should start. The impression your profile makes can bring you clients and keep you dead in the water.…

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Wordpress Themes
3 WordPress Themes From Bluchic You Should Download

When you start your blog you might choose the preinstalled Wordpress option or go searching. Often they look so business styled and not at what at all what women blogger…

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Ultimate Guide to Grammar Checkers
Ultimate Guide to Grammar Checkers

Anyone who writes, whether, for business, school, or personal correspondence knows to check Grammar, spelling and other mistakes play an important part. Often it can be the difference of having…

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Facts for Bloggers
7 Awesome Facts For Bloggers

New bloggers today we're going to discuss some excellent facts for bloggers.I know you're thinking that you want to blog, but there is a lot to consider and a lot…

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Blogging Websites Obsolete?
Blogging Websites Obsolete?

Blogging Websites This post is about Blogging Websites and explores whether they are becoming obsolete. With all the Multi-Media options out there, there is a big question mark whether blogging…

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7 Helpful Blogging Tips for New Bloggers
7 Helpful Blogging Tips for New Bloggers – Writing a Blog

Hello there, fellow blogging enthusiast! I'm here today with blogging tips for writing a blog. First things first, when you are writing envision your reader. Keep in mind that you…

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About Lori Imdad

Lori Imdad

We all think we can do it all, but too often let the day-to-day priorities stand in the way of content marketing. Still, it’s all important to your business and you know by the time you make time you’re mentally exhausted.
The next question is, even if you’re not do you know how to write a business blog post that attracts and engages customers or converts visitors?

I have been writing blogs since 1997 and business blogs since last year. In 2004, a newspaper journalist stole from one of my blogs. So, I can write.
Not convinced? Check out my Portfolio and then, email me. Want a face to face? Schedule a meeting on my calendar.

I’m sure my rates beat hiring an in house writer any day of the week.