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Looking for someone to write engaging content, thought-provoking commentary, or blog posts that entertain? Or, are you looking for a professional source on computers, technology, WordPress or blogging?

Maybe you’re looking for someone to write informative and enticing copy for your corporate blog or website.

Either way, you’re in the right place!

My name is Lori Ann Imdad and I’m a professional writer who is obsessed with technology, the internet, and blogging. I currently serve as the Principal at a small school in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I am ready to write a column in any popular publication. I am no newbie to technology, so if you are looking I am your gal.

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If you'd like to see samples of my writing (beyond what is on this website) head over to my blog, The Gist and Postscript.

I have also written many pieces on various topics on Medium along with my posts on my smalled blogging site.

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