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Free Resources

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I know I love a freebie! Free bloggers’ tools, oh am I there!

As bloggers we need help when we are starting out and tools of the trade. Not hammers or screwdrivers and such, but bloggers’ tools for sure. Who has good WordPress themes? What plugins should I use? Is my registrar’s back up enough? What if I’m hacked? It’s all a little overwhelming, really. I know I’ve been lost a times and I figure if I am, others must be as well. After considering the best way to share what I’ve learned I’ve decided to provide it all in a PDF.

I am compiling a list of resources that go beyond my Resources page.  Even though that has a lot of good information already. Once it’s ready to send out I’ll email those already in my registration list and, of course, I’ll put up another post here. To be sure you’re in the loop, fill up the form below.

Registration, Blogging, SEO, & More!

The resource bundle is a PDF that contains loads of information and links to resources.  Anyone who blogs or is just thinking about it needs this. I’ll also include some printables to help new bloggers find some helpful hints for writing posts, how to include including SEO, and where to market a blog. If you want to pre-register, just fill up one of the forms to Join my Blogger’s Tribe and it will be sent to you soon. I’m also including the form here so it’s easy to find.

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