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The aim of this page is to help prospect freelance writers. I share posts with tips and advice on writing and freelancing. Commenting is welcome to provide lively and considered discussions in the community, and the steps I take to create an inclusive and safe environment.

I operate on one guiding principle: although I welcome passionate opinion and discussion, I take a ‘zero tolerance’ view of any comments which I feel could be considered harmful.

I get that there are differing views of what constitutes offensive or insulting comments. I understand there are concerns that society has become too focused on political correctness. Likewise, others feel that still not enough care is given to stamp out insensitive or hateful comments.

I cannot please everyone, all the time. So, I won’t even try.

I urge participants to flag (via the menu next to the offending comment) or email me (via my contact page) about a potentially inappropriate comment for review, whether out of concern for others or as a result of personal offense.

I will gauge the merits of an observed or reported comment at my discretion, by my own internal standards, often through internal discussion with associates. Any decision is both final and non-negotiable. However, where appropriate, and as time and circumstance allow, I will discuss a decision with the affected parties – for so long as the exchange remains reasonable, balanced and calm.