The BoldCast Podcast

This will be a short post, today Today, The Bold Blog is announcing it’s entry into podcasting with The BoldCast Podcast. The first one is short as it’s only an announcement. We hope to invite well-known Bloggers, Podcasters, and YouTubers to our podcast in addition to just trying to help you guys bu infusing each episode with great information about blogging.

What is The BoldCast?

The BoldCast is a podcast that will seek to help new bloggers in the same way we are doing on the blog, in an audio format. Along with our new podcast,  my eBook, “How to Write a Blog”, is nearly complete. Expect a launch post soon on The Bold Blog. On the BoldCast we will discuss Blogging, Blogging Platforms, Theming, Plugin, SEO, Social Media Marketing and much more. We will invite Guest Bloggers and Youtubers to come speak with us to share their knowledge. You’ll even recognize some of them.


The BoldCast can be found here on this blog and on SoundCloud. A schedule or pre-episode announcement will be posted. Keep reading The Bold Blog.


A schedule is coming along with more podcasts. We have just posted the Announcement podcast, but more will be coming soon. Keep reading, keep listening and have a Bold day.