Blogging Websites

This post is about Blogging Websites and explores whether they are becoming obsolete. First of all, with all the Multi-Media options out there, it is a big question mark whether blogging websites are becoming a thing of the past. While it is true that we are fast becoming a mobile society through cell phones, iPads and other devices, in my opinion, blogs are still well read and add valuable contributions to our conversations.

In today’s blogosphere you have:

  • Written Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Vlog – Video Logs
  • eBooks
  • eCourses

In addition, each contributes to the blog and information paradigm that we are presented every time we enter a term into Google search, Bing, and all the search engines. So, why is a written blog valued far above other mediums?

Attention New Bloggers

If you are a new blogger, a written blog is your space. Especially if it is your own domain. It is a place you control. From what it looks like to content, it’s your baby. This is a place where only you are the censor board. Write what you want, what you are comfortable and what your audience accepts or expects from you.

Love To Write?

So, if you love to write and technology is somewhat new to you, you may be overwhelmed by the requirements of a Vlog or even Podcast medium. Moreover, the budget for a Vlog is higher when you consider the needs of an external microphone, webcam, headphones, and storage space requirements and that’s before you even begin to research software needed to carry out the tasks. A blogging website is a simple and cheaper choice. However, if you hate writing it may be the wrong choice for you. You are the commander of your space, it is truly up to you to decide on a blogging, vlogging or podcasting medium for your website.

Final Considerations

Finally, strong reasons to choose a blogging website over other forms come when you begin to think about attracting readers. Good content is key, but search engines will generally pick written content. A video will only appear if the search term or keyword is in the title of the video. Also, if Pinterest is a part of your marketing scheme, a video gives you no image to in.

In conclusion, as you can see there are many things to consider when you sit down and compare side by side the various option of creating an online presence. I could continue to enumerate them all, but the main question is are you ready to write your first blog post? I have Blog Post Checklist that I made just for you and it’s free! Just complete the form and it’ll be on it’s way to you.


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