This page is about Lori Imdad and that's me! Many people use this page for the resume, and while I'd be glad to send it to anyone who wants it, I'd rather just tell you a little bit about me.

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About Lori Imdad

I began freelance business writing in 2019. I write content articles and blog posts that end up on business websites. I sometimes say I am a B2B Content Writer, this is due to there being so many titles that really mean the same thing! There are days where I wonder why it took me so long to get here. It's mindboggling.

I have always loved writing and started my first blog in 1997 on a site called Live Journal! That feels like a long time ago and believe me that was before Blogging became a "thing." It was mostly personal back then.

From 1996 I worked in Administrative and IT Support. In fact, at one point I built my own pc! It's fun learning the "how" of things! During my time in IT, I went from working for Fortune 500 companies in the US and then again working for the World Health Organization in Dhaka, Bangladesh after we moved. So, I have experienced working in technology in the two countries!

My favorite topics are IoT, Information Technology (IT), SIP Telephony, Cloud Technology, and all things in the technology and internet sphere. Still, I write on other topics as well. You can see the variety of topics I cover in my Writing Samples.

Before I started freelance writing, I started a blog. While most writers have one, I realized that my passion was writing. I loved writing way more than trying to grow my blog.

One the personal side, I am a grandmother of two. I grew up in Southwest Connecticut and now live in Dhaka, Bangladesh with my family after a few stops along the way.

After checking out my Writing Samples drop me a line if you'd like to discuss a project at

If you're looking for:
--Ghostwritten content for your digital brand.
--Website articles or web content.
--Blog posts and other pieces that inform and capture interest.
--Copywriting that turns your expertise and products into business leads.

I'm your writer.

I'm looking for:

--Awesome, communicative clients who provide a challenge.
--Blog articles bring back my joy of information technology.
--And all kinds of copywriting work.

I am a former information technology professional with about ten years of diverse experience in two countries: the US and Bangladesh. I am well-versed in IoT and IT, among other technology-centric topics. I have excellent research skills that allow me to never back down from a project.

Hi, my name is Lori Imdad. I am a professional technology content writer for brands and a blogger. I write and ghostwrite for clients of The Hoth and write a weekly MSP technology news overview for MSP360 currently. My articles and blog posts cover topics in technology that generally include ransomware, SIP technology, AI, selenium testing, software reviews, IoT, in addition to other topics under the technology heading.

During my years in information technology, I took many training courses on networking, server support, and software applications. I continue to follow and learn about new technologies, like native cloud and ransomware attacks, as well as website development, including types of content management systems. I have worked directly with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop.

Now that you've learned about Lori Imdad, what topics I write on and my skills I hope I'll be hearing from you. Keep in mind that I do write on topics outside of technology-based ones. So, don't be shy to ask!