7 Awesome Facts New Bloggers Should Know

7 Awesome Facts New Bloggers Should Know

New bloggers this is for you! I know you’re thinking that you want to blog, but there is a lot to consider and a lot holding you back. Funny thing is anyone can be a blogger!

Anyone Can Be A Blogger

There I said it and yes, it’s true. Standing out from the crowd? Well, that’s a different story and it takes planning and effort. Yes, I said planning.

Before you write your first blog post, the first step is planning your blog.

You Can Have a Beautiful Site

The question is will it attract readers and keep them coming back. Let’s be honest here. If your content is fresh/original and readable, readers won’t really care what your site looks like. Some of them won’t even bother visiting your site, they’ll add you to an RSS reader like Feedly.

Grammar is King

If your grammar or spelling is bad, you’ve just blown your entire article. Whatever your was about all your reader will remember is the grammar or spelling gaff. I know you’re thinking, what is she talking about. I know when I read an article and come across even the minutest of errors, that’s what I remember. Not the awesome content, the mistake.

So, how do you avoid this if you know that you are not a perfect writer?

Fortunately, there are tools for even the worst writers. Microsoft Word checks as you write for one. Spelling errors are underlined in RED and Grammar issues in BLUE. Just hover your mouse over the blue underlined word and it will suggest corrections. If you prefer writing your blog posts in Google Drive or directly on WordPress, then check out Grammarly. Grammarly offers browser plugins that check as you write in any browser and on any site. Even Facebook. 


Blog Posts Without SEO Are Rarely Read

I’m not talking about Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary who read every word you write. I’m talking about Average Joe and Plain Jane who use Google and Bing to find articles to read.

So, you’ve written a mind-blowing article and are ready to hit “Publish”. WAIT!

Do you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed? Have you checked that you’re in the green zone

Yoast SEOIf you don’t have it or haven’t checked your post, stop, save your post as a draft (not Publish) and go get Yoast. Review and edit your post until Yoast shows you the 2 Green dots for Readability and based on your Focus Word. When it says your a Good, then you can hit publish. Anything else is a waste of time and a wasted post.

Keywords/Focus Words Rock the Internet

You can be writing awesome content, but if it is not optimized with keywords how will your readers find it?

What is a keyword? 

A keyword is a term you enter into your search engine box to find relevant articles and website. It is a good practice to use a Keyword Search Tool like Keyword Tool before setting even the title for your article. Look for keywords related to your topic that have the highest rankings and use them as your keyword or focus word. Your article will have a better chance of being found by search engines and you have a better chance of finding your audience.

You Can Make Money Blogging

Yes! You can have your cake and eat it, too. Even if you’ve only started blogging as a hobby or to get people to hear you, you can also make money.


Take a look at sites like Amazon and Commission Junction. You sign up with them as an Affiliate. Once approved you can choose the Brands or Products you want to represent on your blog. When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase you make money. Cool, right?

Blogging Can Be Fun!

I know we talk about what goes into writing, creating, monetizing and promoting a blog. Still, if it’s not fun, if you are not enjoying the doing of it – it won’t last. That’s the reality.

It is a well-known fact that you have to love or get enjoyment from what you’re doing or you will lose interest and eventually stop doing it. So, decide before you start.

Do you like to write?

If not, blogging may not be for you. That’s a reality you may have to face.

So, you still want to be heard?

There are other options/genres for this. Podcasting is HUGE. Vlogging or Youtubing is also a great market. These are topics for another post.

Have you downloaded The Bold Blog Guide? What are you waiting for?