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There are many reasons why your headline is the most critical part of your content. Effective marketing headlines improve email marketing, increase landing page conversion rates, and make your metrics on your blog posts soar. 

Summarize Your Story in One Sentence

What is a headline anyway? It’s a sentence that summarizes your main point or your content article’s main idea. Did you know that 80% of people read the headline? That sounds super, right? 

Wait! Not so fast there, buddy. Only 20% go on to read the article. Now you want people reading your article, so how to make the other 60% your reader? It’s in the headline. 

Have you heard of Melanie Duncan’s 4-U headline formula? 

Lori Imdad/5-headline methods

Think about the effective headlines that you actually click on when you’re scrolling through your social media feeds or reviewing SERPs. Which ones get your attention? I’m guessing it’s the headlines that offer information you can use or may be helpful.

These headlines should offer a solution to a specified problem. No matter if you’re business is providing products or a service, it works for both scenarios. 


Think FOMO here. If you’re unfamiliar with this acronym, it means “Fear Of Missing Out.” It’s advantageous, and most content writers and bloggers want to create a sense of urgency in their readers so that they click. 

Let’s be honest; there’s a lot on the internet vying for our attention. This is why it’s easy to put something on hold or ignore it altogether when we think it’s not urgent. 

Urgency is the more difficult of the four U’s to get right. It may not always work with your specific article topic. This is probably the one to think about leaving out if you’re going to omit any of the 4 U’s.


When you search or flip through your newsfeed, have you noted how many headlines have numbers? It’s not only a trend; it’s phenomenal. Why are people doing this? It’s because they are ultra-specific.

When you write your content, don’t just mention SEO tools, talk about the best SEO tools. I’m no expert, but Neil Patel has made it his life writing content that converts and showing people these kinds of tips

Keywords are King in Effective Headlines

Don’t undersell keywords. There are some great tools for finding top keywords. Google Adwords Planner Tool is one of them. Another great tool is Neil Patel’s Keyword Ideas tool in the Ubersuggest app. Look for the top-performing words and use them in your headline. Then, look at the other top-performing ones as secondary keywords for your article. 

Numbers are Powerful

When people see numbers, automatically, they recognize the value. Which numbers rank higher in terms of SEO? 

  • Odd numbers
  • Less than 10 
  • Top 10 list

What are examples of attention-getting headlines with numbers?

  • 5 Methods to Increase Your SEO Rankings
  • Top 10 Antivirus Applications in 2020

Make Them, See, Feel and Hear It

We learn about adjectives in school, but they are just as relevant in making effective headlines. SEO Marketing is telling a story, and how do your readers experience your content? It all starts in your headline. Descriptive words let your reader know what to expect, make them feel it!

Here are some adjectives that are excellent for headlines:

  • beautiful
  • best
  • brilliant
  • epic
  • essential
  • excellent
  • fantastic
  • free
  • gorgeous
  • great
  • horrific
  • horrifying
  • important
  • killer
  • lousy
  • mindblowing 
  • most
  • persuasive
  • simple
  • ultimate
  • useful
  • valuable

Keep It Simple, Short and Sweet (KISS)

When writing your headline, remember it’s quality over quantity that wins the race. Google recommends 70 characters or less. This works out to 10-12 words at best. 

SEO Experts recommend aiming for 8-14 words. We all want to see you shine!

Lori Imdad/5-Headline-Methods
Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Renew your Pages

It never hurts to take a new look at your old content. We are all learning new things, and Google is always changing their algorithm, too. Keep an eye on your analytics, and if pages are underperforming, tweak them. Change the headline, rearrange the content add new keywords that are better performing. 

Final Thoughts

Keep these attention-getting headline suggestions in mind, and you may see growth in your analytics and conversion rates. Writing effective headlines is a skill that requires time and practice. The numbers never lie, so keep an eye on them, and you will know if your headlines and content are getting noticed.

Thanks for reading through this article, come back for more helpful information. If you’re looking for a content writer, get in touch.

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