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Perhaps you’re a new mom, and your leave time is coming to an end. Maybe you’ve retired or are about to and see an empty span of time ahead. Grandbabies are fun, but they come and go home. So you begin researching what kind of work you can do sitting at home and one that comes up get paid to write. 

That’s how it starts. You’ll find all kinds of blog posts and websites telling you you can get paid to write. Some we’ll even tell you about the six-figure income they’re making while doing it. 

We all know that almost no one gets rich from writing. But it is possible to make a significant side income writing. There are many well-known bloggers and others who are already doing this. So stop worrying and start writing.

Let’s Start by Talking About Reality

Many people hear about the writing life, freedom, and the added enticement of extra money lures you. You think that all you have to do is hang out your shingle, and people will line up asking you to write for them. That is not the case. 

Reality #1 – You must do the work. 

Nothing is ever handed to you. If you’ve worked in a company, you already know this. You had to work your butt off just to keep your job, and if you did it well, then maybe you got a small $5 raise at review time. That’s reality. 

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Have You Heard About LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is where you need to be when you are launching a career as a writer and freelancer. Even if you are doing it as a side-hustle, you need to be on LinkedIn.

We all know about Facebook, but when you are putting yourself out there to work, LinkedIn is the network you need to be hooked in to get connected with clients looking for writers.  

Resume Writing

I know you think you already have a resume. However, Your writer’s resume will look different. Usually, I would link to a post here, but I haven’t done one on a resume. However, after finding this post myself, I made mine on Canva. Canva is an excellent graphical website that is easy using drag and drop to create and design many things, including resumes. So, no special skills required.

Your Writer/Freelancer resume should include links to online work, and you may think you don’t have anything yet. For this reason, most writers have a blog. It provides immediate writing samples to give to any interested client. 

Starting a Blog

Most people think of starting a blog as yourname.wordpress.com, and while this is an option, it doesn’t present you as a professional. When you are reaching out to potential clients, they will get a better impression by being sent to your domain. 

Now you are probably thinking, “I don’t know how to write code” and that this is too hard. It isn’t. Making a website today has become very simple, read through my post, and you will see how easy it has been made by WordPress.

Get Paid to Write

Finding Clients

Getting paid to write comes down to a few things. 

  1. Do Research
  2. Get on LinkedIn
  3. Join Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and BE ACTIVE
  4. Join Twitter and Follow companies and other writers and bloggers.
  5. Checkout Job Boards 
  6. Apply to jobs you find – you’ll never know if you don’t try

Do Research

From finding out tips about this new career to researching topics you want to write about, this is a skill you need to hone. Learn a bit about SEO and find tools for keywords. There many of them paid and free. Here are a couple of suggestions, that you can check out.

A good site by Neil Patel is UberSuggest.

The Hoth also has a keyword search tool that is excellent.

Get on Twitter

Many people hear or see the exploitation of Twitter and are afraid to get on it. Twitter is a marketing tool and, when used correctly, has excellent reach and many advantages. A great account to Follow is Writing Jobs, or you can search for content writer needed, and any account that has posted a job will come up. 

My point is, use social media for what it is. Protect yourself as much as possible to avoid hackers. Use a longer password, make it complex, and you should be ok. 

Checkout Job Boards and Websites

Once you have your blog (if you decide to make one), a resume and some writing samples, it’s time to put yourself out there. You can look for jobs on LinkedIn, but there are a few other excellent places to search as well. 


On the Indeed website, you create a profile that keeps your resume for potential clients or employers to find. You can also search and apply for jobs. Even freelance content writers and similar positions.


Problogger is a blog and resource center for other bloggers and freelancers, too. They have a great job board that many freelancers use to find jobs and clients. 

3-Websites That Pay

In addition to job boards, many websites pay writers, too. 

Editor Jessica Pineda learned about caring for parrots, canaries, finches, and doves when she was a babysitter. She now helps bird owners care for their feathery family members as the editor for this niche site. Her site pays $100 to $200 for short articles and $300 to $400 for more extended features.

Michelle almost literally wrote the book on successful women entrepreneurs. She has been featured regularly on MoneyInc.com, Entrepreneur magazine, Good Morning America Weekend, Inside Business magazine, Forbes.com, and many others. Her team looks for fresh content and will pay for it. 

If you have expertise on topics like time management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, it could pay off. Articles accepted get paid to $150 per piece.

The Entelligent site pays $180 per article on topics related to energy, business, and the environment for its investor-focused audience. Content manager Laurie Greenwood accepts pitches from business journalists for energy-related stories based on current news events, business and scientific articles, and corporate news.

Of course, there are many other sites as well. With a little research, you will find them. 

Get Moving

Getting started is easy. There is no magic as Michelle Obama says achievement comes from three things. Hard work, choices, and persistence. Reach out to me if you need help.

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