Adventures in India

This spring break, I really took a break and traveled to Sonipat, Haryana and Kolkata with colleagues. Part of this was work related, but it didn’t stop any of us from enjoying.Jindal University is a state of the art campus. Despite it’s size, we all remained connected to WiFi from every corner.The Teachers Training was all we’d hoped for and more. It left most of thinking how we’d implement some or all of what we learned. From un-teaching gender generalizations, to developing plagarism policies and teaching kids best practices, it was all inspiring. We loved meeting and developing bonds with the professors and the evening at Chokhee Dhani was a blast.Sadly, our time quickly came to an end and it’s was time to depart to the next part of our adventure.Kolkata embraced us with it’s history and culture, but most of all the shopping opportunities were endless. Of course, flying at this time of year proved problematic at the end. Despite this it was a great trip and one all of us would love to make again.

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