Disastrous for America and for Women

The end of 2016 was a nightmare, or so I thought, as I watched the horror of Donald Trump becoming our President-elect. How could it be just days earlier that all the polls pointed in one direction and by a large margin and suddenly we have this behemoth as our leader? Of course, now we know that it is likely due to the interference of Russia with our democratic process. Although he denies this with outrage on his Twitter every day, more and more information is coming out that clearly show that, yes, they were involved and that it wasn’t only the will of the American people that carried him to the White House. Most days I can’t even call him our President because by far, he acts like anything except a President of the United States. Even though he is out there extolling all his triumphs for the twitterdom to see.

I read the news, pretty much every source, daily and I watch my country being turned inside out. Of course, being so far away I can only see what prevails in the media, whether it is #FAKENEWS or real I have no way to know. I would be remiss if I was not concerned that the chess players on the board are lining up to carry out a sad maneuver. For years, women’s healthcare was respected, today that is not the concern of our government at all. It seems that a change with disastrous results may be coming. Especially, if Mr. Trump’s current selection for the Supreme Court passes.

Perhaps change is good, but I can’t help but feel the changes he goes charging after are bad for America in the long term. Every day, I feel that pit in the bottom of my stomach churning as I read these stories. Sometimes I hope, as a rail against his atrocities, that you are listening. That perhaps the American people will learn that those who did vote for him have realized their error. I wish I had the time to become a Twitter star and that my Tweets would affect the American people, but for now, I leave it to Barbra, Rosie, Allyssa and the rest of the gang in hopes that their words will say what mine cannot.

All I can say is the health care, and that includes reproductive rights, is a fundamental right. Removing access to services like termination of pregnancies will have dire results for many young women across the United States. Fight to keep Roe vs Wade intact.

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