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Hello there, fellow blogging enthusiast! I’m here today with blogging tips for writing a blog.

First things first, when you are writing envision your reader. Keep in mind that you are not writing technical information for a white paper or annual report.

Most blogs should be written like a conversation in easy to read and understand text that the reader will understand and can easily relate to it.

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7 Blogging Tips For Writing a Blog

Lori Imdad/Blogging Tips

Writing a blog requires (depending on your niche) a bit of research, and of course planning for each individual article. Life Hacks has some good information about this. 

In general, to get Google’s attention you want your blog posts to be a minimum of 500 words, but most experts will suggest 1000 words. That being said, here a few excellent suggestions collected from around the web. 

1. Get right to the point and keep postings short. Remember, the attention span of your audience is very short.

2. In your posts, answer questions, including who, what, where, when, why, and how, related to whatever topics you’re writing about.

3. Use a conversational and friendly tone, but be professional. Never use profanity. Using a grammar checker is also a good practice, one like Grammarly

4. Use short sentences that don’t contain overly complicated words. Always keep your audience in mind, and write using language and vocabulary they’ll understand. A good tool that helps is the Hemingway app, it checks sentence structure use of passive voice and more. 

5. Keep paragraphs to two or three sentences each, and utilize plenty of white space on the screen to avoid clutter and make the content look more presentable.

6. Don’t overuse different type styles, like bold, italic, or underlined text. This can be distracting. It’s best to use a font that’s easy to read, so your reader doesn’t have difficulty understanding your text. The text should appear large enough that it’s easy to view on any size screen.

7. Whenever possible, use photos and graphics to reduce the amount of text in a blog entry and help tell a story or demonstrate a key point. Look for stock images that are relevant to your blog.

Writing a blog, not only informs your audience of the main topics related to your niche but also helps you continue to improve and develop through the feedback from your audience.

I hope this has been helpful, happy blogging. Be a part of my following and stay in touch with me on social. Have questions? Get in touch!

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