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It seems hard to believe that the day before the California primary that Hillary is declared the Democratic nominee by many news outlets. Yet, many of the news outlets are reporting this. From CNN to smaller news blogs like The Hill, all are declaring Hillary as the nominee. Of course, tomorrow could change everything depending on how California votes. While everything could stay exactly where it is right now, some things could also change. It is the possibility that keeps Bernie and all of his supporters hopeful.
So, why break this news now? To reduce voter turn out. It’s like psyching out the other team. If you announce she’s the declared nominee, some will think well my vote won’t matter anyway. So, people won’t turn out to vote or at least less people will turn out.
So, I’m telling you, don’t give in. Vote. It does matter. It matters now more than any other time. California, you have a decision to make tomorrow. Will you Vote for someone who will fight for you? Or for someone who hides her speeches from view, who illegally stores emails on a private server, who has practiced corruption at every turn? Someone who will hear your problem and then explain why you need to keep looking? Vote for someone who will look for the answers you need or some who will patronize you and tell you the answer is there if you look for it?
The polls out there show Bernie has a better chance of defeating the Drumpf, so why waste your vote behind someone who may lose in the end anyway? Hillary – great job being a woman candidate, but shame on you for all your corrupt politcal practices. Personally, I want to elect a president who is out there for me and has proven himself as honest. To me that is Bernie, not Hillary.

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