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Zoho Sites

Recently, I was looking for new options for configuring my personal website. Years ago I had tried Google Sites, but it was so basic and themes were the ones you searched for and found online. I have used Zoho for mail and so thought I’d give their Zoho Sites a try.

The things I liked about it:

* Simple Webpage Builder

* Themes, themes, themes!

* Especially, loved the Responsive Themes

* Relative ease of setup

* Import of blog from wordpress or blogger relatively easy.


I have a blog as part of my website. This works nicely with wordpress or blogger, but I couldn’t figure how to a lot of things with Zoho Sites which finally forced me to abandon the effort and return to Blogger which does it all very seamlessly (for the most part).


If you are maintaining a website, Zoho Sites is a good option. If a blog is part of it, it’s a bit buggy, but perhaps your experience would be different from mine.

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