I don’t feel shy to say this, though since 9/11 and due to terror cells that exist that claim to be Muslim, Islamic State or in general “Islam Adjacent”, it weighs on me. Not my religion, but Islamophobia and those who try to corrupt this religion of peace or try to portray our merciful god as condoning the killing of innocent people.

Our Quran clearly tells us this is not so. Also, Islam does not force anyone to come to Islam. The Quran is also very clear about this.

Since the Paris attacks, the world has watched social media profile pictures, the World Trade Center and many others turn their colors to the Flag of France while ignoring the other countries also affected. I have refused. I, too, #Pray4Paris. However, I also #Pray4Beirut and #Pray4Nigeria and all the others who are also recovering from disasters. This article on MIC World explains a whole lot better than I could the why of all this. Let us not see a return to the Islamophobia that starkly existed after 9/11. Learn about true Muslims before you blame the whole religion for the crimes of a few. Better than this read the Quran with understanding of each Chapter/Surah and the time it was revealed. Only then can you truly differentiate who is a Muslim and who is a terrorist.

Recently, I heard a very apt comment. There are 3 billion Muslims in the world. Only 0.3% Muslims are terrorists. That is a very striking figure to me and I would hope most people. How about giving the 99.7% of us who aren’t terrorists the benefit of respect and not portray us all as terrorists, because we’re not. Islam is a religion of peace. In the coming month of Ramadan, let there be no bloodshed in the name of Islam. #NotInMyName

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