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Zoho Apps for Business

PastedGraphic-2014-09-20-13-12.pngRecently, when I was looking for a email host (personally I have always found hosting email on your domain host rife with issues), I found that Google now charges for hosting email. Shame, shame #Google. It seems to be the way, first #Microsoft and now #Google. The only good thing about this is if you already have your email hosted with them for free, they will not charge you. However, they will charge for new signups. 🙁

PastedGraphic1-2014-09-20-13-12.pngIt is becoming increasingly difficult to find options for free email hosting, but one really good one that I have turned to is #Zoho. It is similar to #Google, but you get folders instead of labels and they have active sync for devices like #Microsoft exchange. There are many great things about Zoho, but I mainly came to it for the mail hosting. #TechRepublic has written a nice blog post on some of the great apps for businesses fro #Zoho that is worth a read if you are looking for more than just email hosting.

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