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Gaza: 72 Hour Truce, Is There an End?

There is no one in the world today that hasn’t heard or seen the story of the Israel attack on #Gaza uhfolding. The world seems to have gone crazy and watched nearly silently as hundreds of Palestinian children were killed. The Muslim world has been the loudest voice, but the people dying are of all faiths. The problem seems to be between the truth and what Israel and it’s supporters want us all to believe. 

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Social networks are on fire, but it is really hard to tell if we are making a dent in opinions of world leaders who are in a position to impose sanctions (and this what really needs to happen) against Israel. I really don’t understand why no country has done this yet. The U.S. imposed sanction against Russia recently for much less than this, but with what seems to be a genocide campaign raging all we here is that Israel an ally of the U.S. from President Barack Obama and that Congress made sure that $225 billion funding bill for Israel’s defense misiles was approved before they want on vacation. AID to a country that is bombing SCHOOLS and killing CHILDREN! 

Israel LiesIs it that too many people are believing in Israel’s propaganda or are they just remaining quiet out of fear of the repercussions? Understand that if you are silent it means you see no problem with what Israel is doing. For me, it’s difficult to watch all the images of children becoming orphans and parents becomes childless and not FEEL SOMETHING. A friend recently put this up as her status, “I’ll admit I have stopped and thought about how my criticism of the Israeli genocide would affect me professionally. I’m reading a ton of articles about how people lost jobs or were ostracized for stating their views. But I cannot stay silent. And if things fall through because of it, so be it. I’d rather children stop being killed than my getting ahead. I could not live with it. I’ll manage. So don’t be afraid, please. Speak out. If you remain silent, you are complicit.” I agree, so I am speaking out. Let the killing stop and let it be soon. #SupportGaza #Humanists4Gaza #GazaUnderAttack

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