Beware of the Elephants

20140211_125017[1]Recently, I was walking and saw two elephants coming toward me. I stopped in my tracks not sure whether to go ahead or back, and then decided to take a few pictures. After all, it’s not everyday an elephant is so close. Well, as clicked away, one of the riders spotted me. I guess a white woman taking photos sort of stands out in Dhaka. 


Before I knew it there was an elephant standing in directly in front of me. I really didn’t realize he was there until he was in my camera view. Then I looked up and froze for a minute. This was surprising or so I thought for about a minute. The minute ended when the rider asked me for money. Of course, panhandling is common in Bangladesh though not usually from the back of an elephant. After this happened with me, I over heard my office staff discussing the same thing happening to them. Really saddened that animals are misused this way. I thought it was so cool, but these people ruined it for me.

20140211_125025[2]Finally, I saw a horrible thing when in my car with my chauffer on my way to a meeting. One of these elephant rider beggars stopped a car and actually blocked it from proceeding until they got their money. So, if you see elephants on the roads be careful and warn your chauffer of the same.

Beware of the Elephants!

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